Day 17

Up and out to catch a train to Annenheim on the Ossiacher See where we boarded a boat for a cruise along the lake. It is situated in the southern Nock Mountains range of the Gurktal Alps along the road from Villach to Feldkirchen, at a height of 501 m (1,644 ft) AA. It reaches a maximum depth of 52.6 m (173 ft), the surface area is about 10.8 km2(4.2 sq mi).

Ossiacher See is a dimictic lake with mixing periods in spring and in late autumn. In summer the waters reach 28 °C at the surface. Thanks to Wikipedia for that snippet.

After the usual free for all getting on board we settled down to a drink (water would you believe) and watched the scenery glide past. When we reached Ossiach we disembarked to look for a place to lunch. Taking the wrong turning (as one always does) we came apon a resturant. It looked good so we settled at a table under the trees with a view over the lake. Sound good so far? First a

beer to wet the appitite then freshly caught char, which I have never tried before. It was absolutly fabulous. Next coffee and view admiration. Look at watch and find that the ferry back is due (where did the last two and a half hours go?) so off we went for the scramble back aboard the boat.

On board we met a Welsh couple and thir daughter and spent the next half hour exchanging news, views and family history (as one does withthe Welsh) then off the boat to look at a waterfall at Sattendorf. We found the dry river bed, somewhat dissapointing but, we did spot another public swimming area. Forty minute wait for a train back to Villach so mooched around.

Back at Villach we visited the Villacher brewery and had a couple of beers and a bit to eat then back to the flat for the evening. As we left a brass band started to play outside the church so we stopped to listern until rain stopped play(ing).

Wonderful day.