Day 8


Up with the sloth and back down to the municiple office to register that we are here. Eventually find the place only to be told it was another department in another building so, off we trot and, low, they are out for lunch. Still, only 10 mins before they are back so fill in the form that is available. OH! its all in German, very useful, espesially as this is the departmant for registering people that are on holiday from other countries.

We see a very plesent young man who spoke very good English who helped us to fill in the forms. Sounds good so far but, the form has to be signed by the owner of the property we a staying at. Does not sound like a problem but he is in Vienna and we are in Villach, 4.5 hours on the train each way and the forms have to been returned tomorrow.

So, with the forms in our grubby little mits we headed off but, low, tables, chairs and music. Go for a look and there is also food and BEER. The perfect place for lunch. Food, drink, music and sunshine. The world looked a better place. So we had lunch and soaked up the atmosphere for some time then decided it was time to return to the flat to address our little conundrum.

At the flat we investigated the printer/scanner/copier only to find that the laptop would not recognise the device. We have a hand scanner so, the perfect device for scanning the forms. Could not get it to work. It seemed that Murphy was with us all the way (damn his laws). Last ditch, take a photograph and change it to a PDF file. Great idea except, when the JPEG file was changed to a PDF if was over 20mb in size which is not useful when you are emailing something. Leave it as a JPEG you say and thats what we did and this time the file was around 8kb. Quite a change. So we sent these form to Kurt who duly signed them and sent them back. Great, we can stay.

Exhausted from all this buracratic nonsense we had an evening meal and chilled out waiting for the saga to continue tomorrow (or will it). Tune in to find out – same bat time same bat channel!






Special scenery for Mike