Day 13

What a foubulous day. The weather was good so after lunch we went into the town for Parade day at the Kirchtag. As expected, the town was packed full of people from all over the world. I went as inconspicuously as I could.


This seemed to work as the natives communicated with me. Only problem is I could not understand what they said, no wait, beer? now that I knew.

There was a lot going on so to mention a few – folk dancing, brass bands, jagdmusik (hunting calls etc) discos (evening), stalls and places to eat and drink. The parade was a bit stilted but showed all the things that had happened during the week plus local customs, trades and traditions.

I make no appologies for the amount of photographs but I gave up choosing the best as there was so much going on. Please view and hopefully you will get a flavour of the day.



Plus a couple of videos