Day 3

Up early again for another continental breakfast then pack the car for the trip to Villach in Austria. We left around 10 am being waved off by Sally and started on the usual journey, WE GOT LOST. After a guided tour of Frankfurt (thanks sat nav) we found the autobahn and off we went into – a traffic jam.

The traffic was slow in places as there are a lot of roadworks on the autobahn. The worst of thse was around Munich which took over an hour to get round.

It was after Munich that the scenery changed and mountains came into view. This spurred us on to get to our destination. As fate would have it, we arrived at the flat at 8:15 (same as Frnakfurt).

After dragging the essential bits and bobs up to the flat we realised there was no food in the place, so, out again to do some shopping. The shops were shut, even the supermarkets. What a backward and heathen place this is. But low, there is a garage that sell groceries, so in we go. We came out with the essentials – beer, wine,shnapps oh! and some food.

Back to the flat, a bite to eat and a drink and then to bed.


Taken after a few on top of 10 hours driving