The Journey Begins

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At 08:57 I started the car and we set off on our epic journey. We took the M25/26/20 (with a few minor delays) to Folkstone with 17 minutes to spare before we had to board the train to Calais.

     Queue for the Chunnel

On the train we were on the top deck so as you can see below, we had a wonerful view.

On the Chunnel train

After we disembarked, we made a dash for the Belgium border which took around one and a half hours. We were undetected this time. We made are way past Brugges, Brussels, Aachen, Bonn and Wiesbaden to Frankfurt.

Car park at a “service station”

On route we stopped a couple of times for a break in the continents version of a motorway service station. About the same ambiance and service.



Wonderful scenery on the autobann                     Empty road ahead                                                 Adventure, into the fast lane

There we stayed in the Falk Hotel and spent a day with our friend Sally. There we dinned out at a couple of very good resturants with a glass or two of the local brew.

View from the hotel window